What type of Facebooker are you?

I used to love Facebook.  It was a place to reach out, keep up with, and in a very passive aggressive way, get some things out (those annoyingly vague posts – usually something I wanted to say but had no one in particular to say them to…one of those things about being single that books will not tell you).   I spent countless hours checking my wall and responding, liking and adding new content.

But in recent times, I have fallen off the Facebook bandwagon.  I still check it..many times a day in fact, but I don’t write a lot anymore.  And I have realized a few things about how I use Facebook to keep relationships moving….and how I let them stall.

I feel like we live in curious times.  We use Facebook and Twitter and SnapChat and other forms to social media to “keep in touch” but truthfully if you look at most people’s feeds, it is really just a way for each of us to talk about ourselves…the things we love, the thoughts we have that normally no one would care about, the things that make us laugh or cry or make us think, and an abnormal amount of “everyday life” photos – have we ever in life spent so much time talking about and photographing our food?

Lately, I tend to read my feed, check in on the 5 or so people who crossed my mind lately and then move on.  It means there are lots of people in my life that I don’t know what is going on with…and/or I don’t see in my feed and I don’t take the time to reach out.  And I rarely send a message to sometime specifically.  It happens, but rarely and it is usually sharing something I saw and not a personal message I post on someones wall.

At the same time my interest in social media is waning, I am more and more wanting real contact and connection with people – not virtual ones. I love my Facebook friends – I can’t imagine cutting off that part of my life – but it is time, past time really, to get out there and meet some people.



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