One Little Word

One Little Word 2014 & 2015

This time last year I was preparing for 2014 by picking a word for the year.  Normally, I pick a word that I want to strive to.  Something I am hoping will inspire me throughout the year to do better, to try harder, to be the person I want to be.   Last year I chose a word that I was pretty sure was God trying to tell me something.  I chose change.

I like most people am not a huge fan of change – at least not a lot of changes in a small amount of time.   And 2014 has had some major ones.  If I thought for one second it was not God giving me that word, he proved me wrong for sure.

So I have been thinking on what changes I made in 2014 – and what changes were thrust upon me.  Its a pretty big list:

  1. Job changes
    1. new supervisor
    2. losing a client
    3. gaining a client
    4. new contact at the client (leading to new challenges)
    5. pay raise
    6. working from home full time
  2. Personal changes
    1. Moving
    2. New furniture
    3. Living and working in the same space
    4. New town
    5. New people
    6. New church
    7. New choir
    8. Living alone for the first time ever
    9. New relationship
    10. Ending of said relationship
    11. First relationship where it did not end with one or both of us being angry
    12. First time someone made me feel loved like that

Those were the big things – and there are countless little things that have changed this year.  I have picked my word for 2015 and as much as I wish I could blithely pick something that is easy for this year – I know where God is leading me.  So my pick for 2015 is connections.  Can’t wait.


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