Christmas Manifesto

Every year I am overly ambitious in November trying to plan the perfect December and by December 3 those plans have gone astray and I just give in to another year without that thing – whatever it was – that I thought I needed.  So this year I start the season with a manifesto.

This Christmas I will not over plan,  I will enjoy each day and not worry about all of the things I SHOULD be doing…and instead enjoy the things I AM doing.  I will document what I can about the holiday, I will embrace the newness of my life situation and I will take a moment each day to reflect on what made the day great.  Most importantly I will let myself off the hook if one or more of those things becomes too much to handle.  I will enjoy Christmas this year – all of the craziness, busyness, and the joy of it.  And when this Christmas is over, I will remember it fondly as a first.

I hope you too will find some peace and joy this Christmas – or at the very least – you will allow yourself to give in to what Christmas is and stop worrying about what it should be.





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