Letter to Myself

Dear Michelle,

It has been quite the 2014!  You accomplished a lot this year and you should be very happy with the direction your life is taking.  It was certainly not without its hiccups.  But overall, the year was pretty darn fantastic.

So in looking forward to 2015, there are a few things I want you to remember:

  • You are more than capable if you put your mind to it.
  • It is possible to achieve what you want if you work hard enough to make it happen
  • Don’t give up or give in when things get difficult….if it is difficult it is probably worth it
  • But be good to yourself – reevaluate what you want often to make sure it is the right thing (rather than struggling for no good reason)
  • Let love into your life – let others love you and make sure you love others as much or more.  Mostly love yourself.
  • Finally, you need to fully participate in your own life.  Have opinions, don’t be pushed around, do the things you want to do without apology, and don’t have regrets at the end of the year.

Here are a few things I wish for you for 2015:

  • Since your word for 2015 is CONNECTIONS, I want you to make some friends this year.  I know how hard it is for you to do but make the effort – it will be worth it.
  • Find some balance between work and life.  2014 was difficult and you never had a chance to really get used to anything before it was upended.  So this year, make sure that you are able to settle in and find normal (whatever that looks like).
  • Reduce stress.  You need to sleep more, rest more, give yourself a break more.
  • Be willing to try things that scare you.
  • Be learning everyday.  Whether it is about work or art or history or literature – learning will never be a bad thing.
  • You need to move more and eat better.  You have done a great job with eating less – now you need to make better choices.  And moving some everyday will eliminate some of the issues that 2014 revealed.  So continue with Zumba and use the Wii that J got you to move around the living room daily.
  • Its been 5 months – its time to get the office and the craft area organized.
  • You need to be creative this year…the journal project will be key.   Make sure you keep up with it – and set aside time each week to make it happen.  Never let 2 weeks go without completing a page.
  • Trust your instincts.  When it comes down to it, your gut is the spirit leading you where you need to be and away from the things you don’t need in your life.
  • Finally, pray more – for the needs and for the praises.

I know you decided not to set any resolutions or to do lists for the year….good.  They just make you feel bad when that is not how things turn out.   So take these wishes and make the year everything you want it to be.  And if it is not, so be it.  God has a plan Michelle.  And there are great things coming for you.

Wishing the best year yet for you in 2015,


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