The New Testament in 8 weeks

The New Testament in 8 Weeks – Week 1

Last week I embarked on a new adventure to read the New Testament in 8 weeks.  Aack!

About 60 people from Culpeper Baptist Church are on this journey with me.  The study lets you read the Bible in a new way – the books are arranged chronologically and are written without chapter and verse markings.  You read it like a novel.  And honestly, after just 1 week, I have realized a few things about the Bible.

Week 1 was the book of Luke.  And while I had read many of the passages, I had not read the whole thing.  Here is the quick look at what I learned:

1.  There were passages I had never read before.  For instance, after being tempted in the wilderness, Jesus went to Nazareth and his hometown tried to kill him.  They tried to throw him off a cliff.  (I know…right?)

2.  Being able to read the book from start to finish allowed me to get a better sense of the flow of Christ’s story.

3.  The loss of chapters and verses meant that I saw the bigger picture of some of the stories I thought I knew.  Being able to see what came before and after the parts I knew well made those stories make more sense.

4.  Jesus was a lot more stern than I remembered him being – and certainly there was a lot more tough love aimed at those he spoke to.

5.  I have a lot more compassion for the day to day life of Jesus after reading how day in and day out he told the story of his impending death and tried (knowing he would fail) to get the masses to follow Him.

6.  It is very easy for me to get lost in the language – especially in the parables – and I have to read many of them over and over to get what He was trying to say.

7.  Finally, something I knew but that came more clear the more I read – the disciples really didn’t get it most of the time.  Like me.

I am looking forward to week 2 – Acts and 1 and 2 Thessalonians.


1 thought on “The New Testament in 8 Weeks – Week 1”

  1. I want to read it that way too! What book is it that you’re reading? If you already mentioned it, I must have missed it…sorry.

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