So my last post was rather dark…

If you missed it, I wrote about this crippling self doubt that is haunting my work life right now.  I clearly have things I am working through.  No surprises there.  I have been in therapy for the last 6 months or so and this week we talked about work which prompted the blog post.Whenever I have a session, I spend the next week or so going over and over the things we talked about – there is usually something that stays with me and makes me think all week.

I realized this week that God is sifting me and my job is the easiest way to reach me right now.  At 41 it is hard to imagine that I still carry so much from my past, but there it is.  And to make me a whole and complete person, He is working to get me to process those things and get them out of my system.  It is painful and most days I wish I could just be “normal”.

But what is normal?

I am excited to see what this sifting will bring out in me.  I can only hope that I learn the lesson sooner rather than later 🙂


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