One of the tenants of the Christian faith is the idea that God sent his son to die on the cross to forgive us of our sins.  Our sins are wiped clean by our faith and commitment to follow God and his teachings.  While there are variations on “how” this is done – by grace alone vs acts of faith and good works – change by denomination, the basic idea is the same.

Right now the Dugger family and their supporters have been loudly proclaiming this very idea to anyone who will listen – God (and in this case the victims) have forgiven Josh his transgressions and he is a new person in Christ.  And as a Christian I have to believe that is the truth.  Not because I am a Christian but because I believe that it is possible with God and that I have myself had the benefit of that forgiveness.  I can’t accept it for myself and deny it for others.

So why is it so hard for non-believers to believe in this idea?   My personal opinion is that we Christians have given them no reason to do so.

We don’t live our faith.  We  promote our ideals but we don’t tell the truth about who we are.  Or we tell people we are sinners but we don’t extend any grace for the sins of others.  We spend our time pointing fingers at those we don’t agree with and we use our status as believers as a battering ram against those who “offend” our Christian sensibilities – all the while committing sins that in the end are just as egregious to God as the ones we spend our time pointing out in others.

I posted something on Facebook last night that I saw on a friends page about Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner.  It said “For God so loved Caitlyn Jenner…” and it linked to a Washington Post article that basically said – Jesus would not have mocked this situation.  Mockery – in the words of my friend Jeff – is not a characteristic of Jesus.

I can’t say I understand the journey that took Bruce to Caitlyn but it is not my job to understand.  It is not my journey.  My job is love people.  That is what the Bible has commanded and mockery is not love.

I also believe it is not my place to name others sins.  What is a sin or if what was done is a sin.  I leave that up to the one who created me.  For now I will continue to just love – as I was commanded.


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