And the hits just keep coming

This past week I had to replace the brakes on the car I bought in June.  I had just hit 25000 miles and the mechanic said the amount of rust on my roters looked like brakes that were 8 to 9 years old – not 2.  This was a manufacturing issue, and at this point, I am just glad it is done.  It is disappointing however since this should have never happened.

This came just 1 days after having to finish my root canal and hearing the estimate for the crown to be put on later this month.  That is all out of pocket and I will be paying that off for a while.

Pile this on top of the medical bills – which for now are just co-pays but coming into the new year will start to add up quickly – and debt is looming that I am not quite sure I am ready for.  I am hoping that when this initial stuff is all over and I am feeling better – lost weight, easier on the knees and a lot more stamina – may mean that I start to look for a second job to fill in some of the gaps I am having to take on during this time.  The only thing I can say for sure is it is a good thing I have no social life here so I am not spending a lot of money on going out.  🙂

Despite how dire I am making this sound, I am in pretty good spirits these days – at least in the overall picture of things.  I have bad days and sometimes when a new hit comes, I take a moment to get upset.  I cry, I may say a few choice words, and I may even have some gnashing of teeth.  But in the end, I don’t feel overtaken by it for long.  That I believe is due to a couple of things.  The strength of the love and support I have been getting from friends and family far and wide and the love and grace of a God who values me more than I can imagine.

So I am a little battered and a little bruised.  But I am still moving forward.  And momentum is taking me to where I need to be.



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