What a difference one DOCTOR can make

After my cancer diagnosis and subsequent visit to an oncologist at UVA Medical Center, I had a “sort of” game plan.  IUD to hold the cancer off, bariatric surgery to lose the weight quickly, and then eventually a hysterectomy to rid my body of the cancer.  My meeting with bariatric went well and I felt like the pieces were finally coming together.  And then yesterday happened.  And once again things are changing.

I met with a new oncologist in Annandale and well, let’s just say he didn’t agree with the doc in Charlottesville.  He told me that by delaying the hysterectomy I was putting my life at stake.  He told me I needed the surgery sooner rather than later.  He told me that I am not only eligible to have the surgery, but that he has treated patients larger than me.  And he told me that he wants to do surgery before December.

He also said:

  • The IUD should be used only for women who really want to try and have a baby – it essentially CAN temporarily make the cancer go away giving them a window to have a baby – but the cancer will always come back until you either have the hysterectomy or you “solve” what caused the cancer in the first place.  For me that would mean a significant amount of weight loss and a hope that my estrogen levels would then regulate.   It is not a guarantee however that would work.  The only real treatment to get rid of all possibility of it coming back is to do the hysterectomy.  In that way, the doc in Charlottesville was correct – it could allow me time to have the bariatric and lose weight.  However, I was taking a risk it would not work and the cancer would get worse in the meantime.
  • The IUD should be prescribed in conjunction with hormone therapy – which I was not on – for maximum effect.
  • When I was first diagnosed, i thought for sure the process would move fast once I was in the office.  Well it didn’t then, but it is now.  In a couple of weeks I will be hiding under the knife so to speak.

So I have a few prayer requests for any of you willing to pray:

  1.  I will have to be intubated and it is my #1 concern about having surgery.  Having a tube pushed through my vocal cords puts them at risk.  And that scares me more than I can say.  So pray that everything goes well and that at the end of this, I can still sing.
  2. Pray for my mother as she will have to come and stay with me after surgery for a while.  I know this means walking away from her normal life for a little bit, but I can’t be alone and due to the stairs at mom’s place, this is the best option.
  3. Pray for my doctor and his ability to perform this surgery quickly and safely.
  4. Finally, pray for this to be the last time I have the word cancer associated with my name.

So what about bariatric?  Well, to be honest, I have not gotten that far.  I will still talk to my doc about starting a new diet.  I may not try to start my official 6 month medically managed diet until this surgery is over however.  My gut feeling right now is that I will still have the surgery next year. But, and the oncologist said this, the cancer has to come first.  After that it is my call.




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