So much to be thankful for

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this week, I am reminded of how lucky I have been – even with the last couple of months taken into consideration.  So to make it easy here are 33 things I am thankful for in 2015 – from the serious to the silly.  (in no particular order)

  1. The love, grace and mercy of God
  2. James – my love who has been so supportive
  3. Mom – a role model for compassion
  4. Grandma – she loves me fiercely
  5. Heather & Jeff – my sister and her husband who I don’t always understand but I always love
  6. Hayley – 13 years of smart, defiant, strong-willed girl love
  7. Jake – 10 years of smart, cute, cuddly boy love (he would hate me saying that)
  8. Penny – mentor and friend
  9. Sara – my other sister and Facebook partner in crime
  10. Matthew – we don’t talk often, but I know he loves me and I love him.  Friends as always.
  11. Work – for keeping my mind off things in my real life some days
  12. My boss – who has been overwhelmingly supportive in this last couple of months
  13. My co-workers – who remind me I am not alone in this
  14. Culpeper Baptist Church – for being sweet sweet people
  15. My Sunday School class – who have allowed me to be open about a very difficult time
  16. The Praise team at CBC – who have let me serve with them
  17. Singing – my form of expression
  18. Adele’s new CD (I know it’s cheesy but I love it so)
  19. My apartment – home is such a great place to be
  20. My pillows – for supporting my head as I rest
  21. English bulldogs – for being so darn cute
  22. Hulu & Netflix – for entertaining me
  23. The Bible – for guiding me
  24. iTunes – for allowing me to fall asleep to only my favorite songs
  25. Facebook – even though it drives me crazy
  26. My computer – my daily companion
  27. My cancer diagnosis – it has caused a course correction I needed
  28. My doctors  – at least most of them
  29. Crafting which I am in love with again
  30. Coloring books and puzzles – for keeping me company
  31. My memories – when I get lonely, they help me out
  32. Small towns – I love living in one
  33. Text messaging – for keeping me in contact with J and my mom who now will not answer her phone



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