Goal Setting

I made 2 commitments recently that I am trying to keep to.  Both have to do with my health.  Both are goals that in the past I have not been able to maintain longer than a week or two.

Why am I so bad at keeping health commitments?  The only one I ever managed to keep was giving up soda for lent.  But even that has been waning lately as I have been partaking in soda more than I have in the last 4 years since I “gave them up”.

Part of it is laziness.  Part of it is at times making commitments that were missing a sense of reality.  I would often decide to make a change that was so big or so different or so challenging that I was setting myself up for a failure.  And for someone who struggles with being “enough,” setting myself up that way is pretty much guaranteeing I will not be able to finish it.  And I don’t usually.

So what made these commitments different?  Well, each fits into a routine that already exists.  Each was a small thing I was confident I could accomplish.  And best of all, there is accountability built in to make sure I do it.

My hope is that once i complete these commitments, I will be able to take on another one and then another.  Small changes that add up.  And in the meantime, I am adding back my successful commitment – no more sodas.  No excuses.

Here we go.


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