Defining Healthy

“Health is more than just the absence of illness.”

I read this line in a blog post written on one of my favorite blogs by Dennis Finney, a writer for The Des Moines Register.  Finney, who 1 year ago had weighed in at almost 600 lbs, has lost 100 of those lbs through exercise and eating better.  I have loved his blog as he gets real with you – the good and the bad.

What initially drew me to his blog was that he had so much to lose, he was about my age and he had managed to surround himself with a team of people willing to help: a therapist, a doctor, physical therapist, nutritionist and now a trainer.   I am in awe of his willingness to ask for help…although, I am not sure he sees it that way.

His post yesterday, May 19, was about how he always thought that being healthy just meant not being sick.  And that really hit home with me.  I always thought of myself as relatively healthy.   I knew the weight was an issue but I had never had really serious illnesses.  I got sick for sure: colds, bronchitis, strep, but overall I was ok.

And then as I got older, the weight became more and more of an issue.  And I saw it happening but because I had never really considered myself unhealthy overall, I ignored it.  And now, I have trouble walking, I don’t want to get out of bed some days, and I hurt on a regular basis.

I have committed to some short term goals to be better.  Daily meal replacement shakes.  Healthy choices when eating.  Exercises – while small steps are being taken, they are steps in the right direction.




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