First signs of Christmas

Since Christmas kind of creeps up earlier and earlier each year, I find it amusing that I am talking about “first signs” today, December 1.  We have been seeing signs for MONTHS now.   I feel like there are a multitude of first signs I look for each year:

  • Santa arriving at the Macy’s Christmas Parade
  • Peppermint replacing Pumpkin
  • 97.1 WASH-FM Christmas music 24-7
  • The Halloween clearance becomes the Christmas Sale
  • Cute Christmas commercials on TV (and the sappy ones)
  • Lights start to go up on houses
  • Christmas Muzak in elevators and stores
  • New Christmas Music CD’s coming out

So what is it that I hope to see each year?  Its practicing Christmas music.  I have had it start as early as September and as late as, well tonight.  I have a Christmas rehearsal tonight and I am thrilled.

What is your first sign?



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