Medical Updates…

As I have been posting on Facebook, not all is well in Michelle-land.  About a week and a half ago, I started noticing that I could not eat all of the 2oz of food I am allowed at any given time.  And it was harder and harder to take all of the vitamins I need to take each day.  And then last weekend, I started to feel nauseous.  I was seriously worried cause I made a mistake and went to the internet for help.  (And just to be clear it was not WebMD – but a bariatric chat site where it was other patients I was talking to)

When the nausea had not passed after the weekend, and after taking anti-nausea pills, I reached out to my Nutritionist and she told me to cut my meals in half to 1 oz and keep taking the anti-nausea pills.  But by Wednesday, I was just nauseous all the time and I was not eating at all.  On Thursday, I couldn’t take it anymore and called the office.  Once they asked me a bunch of questions, they wanted me to come in on Friday.  And so off to my mom’s I went.

I met with a very nice Nurse Practitioner and she asked me a bunch of questions trying to narrow down how this happened and she said that basically there were 3 possible things happening.  Gastroenteritis – an irritation of the stomach lining was the easiest.  She told me to go back on the meds they gave me for acid reflux and that would start to help that (which I needed to go back on soon anyway).  The second possible was ulcers.  And finally, the third is a “stricture” – a tightening of the tube between the stomach and the small bowel.  Food can have trouble passing through there once the hold gets smaller.

She had me lay on the table and started pressing on my abdomen to see if my stomach was tender – it was…slightly.  But then she pressed on my right side and I literally kicked my legs in the air – it was pretty painful.  She said that indicated there may also be something wrong with my gallbladder.

I have to go for an ultrasound this week and I have some new meds that she is hoping will help me eat again – even in small doses – and will help tell if this is a stricture or not.  Then I go back on Friday for my normal checkup and we will have another conversation at that time.

I am scared.  If it is a stricture, I have to have another endoscopy – not a big deal.  If my gallbladder needs to come out, it means ANOTHER surgery.  That I do not want.  I feel like I can’t quite catch a break here with this one, but I do not want to have another surgery so soon.  And honestly, I cried today about it.  Financially this will be difficult for me and emotionally it will be difficult.  I just can’t think about it right now.

So if you think about it, say a quick prayer that this is over soon.  And I will not need another surgery.


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